Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Plan....

Keep in mind I am not exactly saying as much as it appears, but I distrust the State enough to actually put this theory out there because, if I am wrong, no big deal...but if I am correct and we do nothing, can you IMAGINE.....

Many on the Left have raised a lot of noise about the Iraq War being about oil, not WMD, and the current president promised to get our troops out of there....and still has not.  Was he lying about his promise, or did he learn about The Plan after he was elected?  Think on the following:

1.  Because of the Iraq War, the United States now has tens of thousands of "citizen-soldiers" also known as the National Guard who are skilled in urban warfare and have been battle-hardened to killing people.

2.  These same people now have skills in such "useful" tasks as setting up militarized roadblocks and have demonstrated a willingness to shoot when their orders are violated.

3.  There is a strong push for a "National ID card" which would be used to carry your personal information on the embedded microchip, meaning any police officer or agent of the State would be able, with the swipe of a wand, to know all about you.

4.  Through regulation, the government of the United States now has virtual control over the means of production and distribution of all the material and fuel.

5.  While the Individual Mandate in the health care law seems innocuous to some and tyrannical to others, what is this but a backdoor on the National ID....everyone will have to have a card, right?  So what if they are not YET uniform?

Should the people realize the usurpation of their rights (see Patriot Act, see Rendition, see warrantless wiretaps, see....the list goes on) and they rise up, the United States government has created for itself the means to quell any rebellion, quash any resistance, and to track/control anyone they so desire.  We have a ready-to-roll collection of what could easily be seen as "sleeper cells," people who have shown they are willing to surrender their own morality/ethics on orders from their government.  What if President Obama learned that there was a Plan in place that would secure America for the ruling elites, and the current stage was building an army of "citizen soldiers" who would, at the word of a "threat," be armed and ready to the defend the State from "terrorists?"  Remember, the DHS has already attempted to sell the people on the image of "militias" as terrorist cells in the country.  Would the Plan be the reason why we are STILL training these citizen-soldiers in foreign ensure there are enough people to defend the State when the People realize what is happening?

Jefferson said that, when the government becomes oppressive, it is the duty of the people to rise up and seize back control over their own lives.  We are losing the ability to do so.

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