Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review of EPUB to PDF Converter.

Well, I am trying out a new piece of software to help get access to epubs that require color.  By converting them with "Epub to PDF Convert" (found on, I can use EPUB files meant for color readers on my Nook Glowlight.

After using it to convert several books, I love the speed of the conversion (less than 30 seconds per book) and the text is clear.  What makes this a good product though is that the same package apparently can convert PDF to EPUB, PDF to Kindle, and EPUB to Kindle.  Now, I have not used all of these functions as yet, especially since I do not use Kindle, but if I can move items from PDF to EPUB, then some of my knitting patterns and cookbooks can be changed in this way.

Genuinely, I think the product is pretty danged good.  But no review is complete without a suggestion:  When translating formats, it would be fantastic if the coverpage would translate as well.  As it is now, when I converted the books, they all appear in my Nook as "Cover" with no title.  This is minor though since I can just move them one at a time onto my reader.

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